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At Congregation Beit Simcha we are a community of lifelong Jewish learners, in the continual pursuit of spiritual growth and exploration. As Jews, we are compelled to question and debate. These courses and conversations energize us as we gain new perspectives and challenge ourselves. Our shared desire for knowledge and community enriches us as individuals and bonds us as a Congregation.

Congregation Beit Simcha thrives when we learn together. We hope you will find time on your calendar and in your mind to join us in this lifelong journey. To register for courses please click on the link below.

Fall 2018/5779 Offerings

The Genesis Project: This is a weekly, interactive investigation of the seminal text of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and all Western Civilization with Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon. We will use commentaries ancient, medieval, modern and post-modern as we study in depth and breadth the most fascinating of all Biblical books in free and open discussion of the many meanings and broad implications of the very first, and in many ways, most compelling, Jewish book. No knowledge of Hebrew or previous experience of Jewish text study is required, although it certainly is welcome!

Starts Thursday, October 25th at 11:45 a.m.

Zohar, the Crown of Kabbalah: Now you can study the greatest Jewish mystical work of all, the crown of Kabbalah, with Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon, who founded the very first group in the world to learn this amazing work with Danny Matt’s significant English translation. The Zohar provides the opportunity for spiritual growth as well as incredible intellectual stimulation in a richly interactive exploration of the profound and complex themes central to all Jewish mysticism and belief. The Zohar is deep but also playful, and studying it in this unique way can bring healing and personal growth in often unexpected ways.

Starts Tuesday, October 23rd at 11:45 a.m.

Introductory Judaism: Learn the basic concepts, experiences, texts and traditions of Judaism in this comprehensive course that covers Jewish beliefs, rituals, life-cycle experiences, annual calendar and history in an accessible, open way. What are the important holidays and how do we celebrate them? What do Jews believe about God, or life after death? How important is Israel to American Jews, and why? A perfect class for anyone interested in learning about Judaism for the first time, trying to fill in the gaps in her or his understanding of Jewish religion, or for renewing one’s knowledge of Jewish life, history and culture with an outstanding teacher.

This is a weekly class beginning Wednesday, November 7th at 7:00 p.m.

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